About Us

Certified Artisans Inc. is a Canadian company involved in an online-related service. We have provided an online market platform where professional handymen can advertise themselves and also connect to the needing public. Our platform is specifically for professional, verified and certified artisans. We have come to realize the importance of getting qualified and certified handymen closer to the general public through their page on our platform.

We are also here to provide financial ease to our users with our speedy project financing program if all requirements are met through our Ease the financial burden plan. Do you have a pending home or commercial project and need assistance to complete it? Why not contact us, we are ready to provide financial assistance and put a smile on your face.

We are obsessed with providing solutions to home project problems through our relentless strategy of ensuring that all handymen on our platform are well equipped to repair, fix, construct and renovate home projects.

Our Mission
To create and sustain a platform for handymen and users to independently find and connect.
Our Vision
Our corporate vision is “to give handymen and customers the power to connect and also bring them closer together with an output of smiles.
Who we are?

Handyman on our platform has been verified to be certified with experience, that is why our platform always strives to provide experts through our online network of professionals in several fields of specialization such as plumbing, painting, landscaping, bricklaying, and many more. Why not download our App to explore more about certified artisans waiting to provide a wonderful service to your project?