Every service provider is coming out with lucrative features on their on-demand professional handyman service mobile app to provide the best service possible in the quickest time making their customers’ lives easier and making money in the process too. Customers always look for handyman service Canada which can offer efficient service 24*7 all year round at affordable rates. During the pandemic, with almost every other person suffering from Covid-19, the need for professional handymen and online delivery services has increased exponentially.

What Makes Certified Artisans Handyman Hiring Apps Unique?

Certified Artisans, an online service platform, help you find the best plumbers, painters, electricians, bricklayers, fitters, landscapers, carpenters, welders, and other handyman services for home improvement in Canada.

What should you know about the Certified Artisans app?

CertifiedArtisan’s an online market platform for certified professional handymen who are verified selectively by examining their skills, efficiency, and experience. Users can download the Certified Artisans app on their phone and quickly book a professional handyman for a service of their choosing at their own suitable time at affordable rates. The app uses the client’s current location to help them find the best professional handyman required at their homes or establishments.


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From carpentry, painting, cleaning, electrical, controlling, plumbing, bricklaying, landscaping, and much more services you can use this app for quick services anywhere in Canada. With chat features, you can get expert opinions and services from their handymen in the quickest time.

Features That Makes Certified Artisans so Unique

handyman hiring appKey features they provide are:

  • Accessible for both iPhone and Android users
  • The sign-up page is quick and easy.
  • Chatting option for immediate consultation with professional handymen.
  • Interactive and user-friendly user interface.
  • Fastest download.
  • Uses the client’s current location to offer services in their area.
  • Various offers on different services are visible easily on the app.
  • Using the profile feature to set up an account.
  • Manage the booking; as well as a refer and earn feature.
  • Regular updates about offers through the notification feature.
  • Support feature for complaints, comments, and suggestions.
  • Scheduling and cancelling appointments are the easiest.
  • Tutorial and DIY videos of various services.
  • Reviews and ratings of customers.
  • Various online payment methods from Apple Pay, Google Pay, PayPal, credit/debit card, etc.

What can you do with our app?

With the Certified Artisans app, you can book appointments with a professional handyman near you for any type of handyman service in Ontario, Canada for homes or establishments at cheaper rates. With the tracking feature, the app tracks your current location to help you find professional handymen for various services near you.

All you have to do is create a profile on the app, use the search box to search for services near you, book appointments at your chosen time, make online payment or click on COD the option; and get the service ASAP. With a notification button, the app will let you know about lucrative offers on various services and give you reminders to schedule maintenance services as well.

Our App offers numerous tutorials for customers to make their DIY endeavours easier. Customers can review and rate the handyman service Canada in their area while using the chat option to discuss problems with professionals along with complaints, making suggestions.

Which devices does your app support?

Whether you use iPhone or Android phones, the Certified Artisans app is available on all devices.

app store  |  google play store

How to install and use the Certified Artisans app?

  • Go to the play store or app store on your Android or iOS device and search the app. Click on the install button to download the Certified Artisans app.
  • Click on the app after installation and again click on the register button to create your account.
  • Fill in your details like full name, mail address, phone number, and create a safe password to get started.
  • A code on your given mobile number to validate the account. The code will be either automatically added to the space or you will be directed to your dashboard.
  • Now turn on the GPS button on your phone, so the app will automatically show you results for professional handyman for various services near you.
  • You can use the search box to search for services or click on any of the services laid on the dashboard. You may click on VIEW ALL SERVICES to view your required services laid out on the homepage of the dashboard.
  • You can scroll down on the homepage to view testimonials from previous clients.
  • Click on the calendar button to view your bookings. Turn on the bell icon to receive notifications.
  • You can edit the personal information of your profile, register yourself as a partner on the platform, manage bookings, view your wallet, and refer and earn from the settings menu.

With the surge of Covid-19 online businesses have been booming. Certified Artisans has created an online brand for themselves for being a leading handyman service in Canada. To avail efficient services at your chosen time and location at cheaper costs, download the Certified Artisans app or join their website for more information.

About Certified Artisans Inc.

Certified Artisans is an online platform for handyman service Canada to provide certified professional handymen for various services at homes and establishments at inexpensive rates.