Certified Bricklayers

For the base of the construction of a home to be strong, expert bricklayers are needed to ensure the structure is tough and perfect. For bricklaying services in Ontario, Certified Artisans have professional bricklayer handyman throughout Canada who has an expert niche from basic to advanced constructing skills by placing bricks or stones in places to perfection. We can help you connect the best masonry & bricklaying near you who with their detailed skill set work on grand projects, repairing masonry works.

What do Local Bricklayers do?


Bricklaying contractors offer full bricklaying services from decorative walls to full retaining walls. With a varied range of materials, styles of laying, bricklayer handyman lay bricks, pre-cut stones, build concrete blocks to build, restore and repair walls, steps, stairways, garden walls and elegant water features. By consulting engineers’ building plans, going through proper measurement processes, they lay brick or stone with mortar to ensure scaffolding and bricklaying are vertically or horizontally aligned.

Hire Professional Masonry & Bricklaying Contractors Near You

Certified Artisans are proud to call themselves the best masonry contractors and bricklayer contractors in Ontario. Be it a residential or commercial space, we provide a one-stop solution for constructing, repairing projects. Every single team member has to pass through a comb needle-like verification process where we judge their skills, knowledge, check their professional certificate, and insurance to make sure they are fit and able to work in such hard conditions that masonry projects require.

Types of bricks in masonry construction

  • Burnt clay bricks: Most popular variant of masonry bricks, they are moisture-resistant, insects and erosion-resistant, have a good room environment and provide medium to high compressive strength.
  • Concrete bricks: AKA mortar brick, made of concrete, sanded and formed in moulds and cured, has low compression strength and low durability; and thus used for fences, facades and internal brickwork because of their sound reduction and heat resistance quality.
  • bricklaying services near meSand lime bricks: These bricks can carry their own weight as they are popular for their low-bearing capacity.
  • Fly ash bricks: These bricks expand and perform poorly when they come into contact with moisture and water.
  • Engineering bricks: Excellent for load-bearing capacity, water and chemical resistance,  they are made at high temperatures to make them dense and strong.

The job of the best masonry contractors

  • Bricklaying or stone laying: Be it a commercial or residential space, brick or stone laying to repair, construct a wall or replace the siding of a building.
  • Brick repointing: Removing parts of mortar from within brick or stone laying and redoing them with new mortar is called repointing. Though brick or stone can last a lifetime, mortar repointing needs to be done every 25 years.
  • Bulging brick repair: Bowled bricks can occur in winters when the water has infiltrated within the mortar joints and frozen there. It needs to be repaired immediately to prevent further deterioration.
  • Heritage building restoration: From meticulously numbering bricks or stones to preserving the structure of old buildings and adhering to municipality regulations, expert masonry contractors come in handy.

How to Choose the Best Bricklayers for your Next Construction Work?

  • Past history: Check the properties referred by locals or provided by the bricklaying service provider, to see the condition of the properties as reference.
  • bricklayer handymanQualifications: Hire a local bricklayer who has qualified through a certified course to acquire knowledge, expertise in bricklaying workmanship which will result in quality construction of a house or just a wall.
  • Check their work: Before you hire a bricklayer handyman near me, go to their present worksite to know whether they are speeding through the process, or too slow or doing it the proper way to make a mindful decision.
  • Technical knowledge: Check whether the bricklaying contractor or masonry contractor team has the expertise and knowledge to properly measure and construct the building to perfection.
  • Risk factor: Check to see if the local bricklayer contractors and masonry contractors take necessary precautions while working, have insurance for when they get injured while working to cover their medical expenses.
  • Cost factor: Once you select the contractors for your project, ask for offers or discounts if the service cost exceeds your budget. If not, adjust the cost by adjusting other areas or you can always go with contractors who are willing to work within your budget but be sure to check their expertise and goodwill.

Why choose Certified Artisan’s bricklaying contractor?

  • We have more than a decade-long experience in bricklaying services in Canada for projects of all shapes and sizes and various kinds of settings.
  • Our bricklayer handyman and best masonry contractors have the expertise and knowledge to read and understand technical plans so that they can take proper measurements to make the plan successful.
  • All of our masonry contractors and bricklaying contractors take necessary precautions and safety measures while working; they have medical insurance too in case of accidents while at work.
  • Each and every member of our team is fit to perform strenuous jobs during the construction process.
  • Our masonry & bricklaying services in Canada cater to every budget and every size of the project.


Cost of bricklaying services in Ontario?

Generally, bricklaying contractors charge per hour or per brick rate. For larger projects, contractors charge per brick rate with logistics playing an important part depending upon the type of brick you go for construction.

Go for the option you are comfortable paying for. As you would not want to pay a full day’s wage for a half day’s work. Contractors charge about $100 per day, while some contractors ask for somewhere between $300-$400 for 1000 bricks laid.

Join hands with Certified Artisans’ best bricklayer handyman Ontario and masonry contractor near you to get your dream construction project done. To get a free estimate call at +1 416 857 1720 so that we can help with the right team of constructors suited for your project and budget.

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