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electrical contractor TorontoAre you facing problems with your electrical circuits? Do you want a certified electrician who can install wiring in your new home? Then you have come to the right place. We at Certified Artisans have a team of professionals in electrical services for residential and commercial purposes. Whether you want to get a small electrical circuit fixed or get the maintenance done for electrical equipment at your office, we are there for you. Hire our licensed electrician who is authorized to work with all different types of electrical equipment. They know the ins and outs of everything and ensure the complete safety of your house.  

We have top-rated electricians who are experts and have years of experience. They get the proper training and adhere to the code of conduct required to perform electrical jobs. 

We only have licensed electrical contractors who are allowed to work under the law. They provide the best services for your requirements because they have learned a lot of things during their training. For a smaller job, you can hire an apprentice. However, hire a professional electrician with a license for bigger jobs that require careful detailing and execution. They make sure that your electrical systems are running to their highest capabilities. 

We have a certified electrician for almost every activity. Our team has expertise in specific areas. Certified Artisans are domain specialists and offer electrical services for a wide range of facilities. Our team includes –

  • Residential and Commercial Electrician –

We have a plethora of experts who provide electrical services for residential and commercial properties. Whether the electrical appliances are not working or your house faces an electrical fault, we have the experts who will fix it for you.

Our commercial electricians have worked with buildings, offices, shopping malls, hospitals, schools, universities, factories, and other commercial spaces. We know what it takes to manage such a big electrical grid and provide risk-free services.

  • Construction Electricians – 

We have a team of construction electricians who install, repair and maintain different kinds of electrical systems. Our electrician works with all types of buildings and structures. They generally work with building maintenance departments or are self-employed and perform electrical work as and when needed in the building.

  • Industrial Electricians – 

As a leading company for professionals in industrial electrical services, our experts provide hassle-free installation, maintenance, testing, and repair of industrial equipment. They also provide complete management of electrical controls and heavy machinery. Our team works in big factories, industries, shipyards, mines, and other places that have heavy electrical system requirements.

  • Power System Electricians

When you need assistance with a power generation system, equipment, transmission lines, and apparatus for power distribution, you can hire a professional electrician from us for your power system requirements. We work closely with power generation and distribution companies that require constant monitoring and maintenance of electrical lines and equipment.

Our specialists in residential, commercial, and industrial electrical services have experience in working with all these facilities. We have learned a lot along the way. That’s why we are trusted by hundreds of custom electrical contractors in the area because we know what we are doing.

Electrical Inspections & Wiring Solution by Experts

Do you need an electrical inspection to make sure that your equipment and wiring are working fine? We have experts who conduct manual and automatic inspections to make sure that there are no faults in the system. Our certified experts can handle complex electrical equipment and conduct tests and inspections with ease. We have the right tools and machines to inspect your electrical system and identify what went wrong and where. We double-check and ensure that there’s no faulty electrical equipment that could lead to potential hazards.

On the other hand, we also provide complete wiring solutions for your new and existing home. If you want professional electrical contractors who can lay out a roadmap for the wiring in your house, offer a blueprint, and install it the right way – then we are your partners. We have gained expertise in installing and maintaining wiring in houses of all shapes and sizes. Our licensed electrician will find the right space to take out the wires and will eliminate any hassle that comes with the installation and repair of the wiring.

Install, Repair, & Maintain Electrical Systems

We provide all things electrical – whether it’s installation repair or maintenance of electrical systems. Our professionals visit your place and conduct a complete assessment of the situation before installing the electrical system. They will provide a few recommendations on how to navigate the process, tell you about the different electrical equipment, and make sure that you have a complete idea about the work before execution. They will provide an estimation of how much it will cost for the installation of the electrical system. 

We provide all different kinds of repair and maintenance of electrical systems. Our team makes sure that your electrical equipment is proper and up-to-date. We also provide regular maintenance services to ensure that your electrical systems get the right care and never present any faults accidentally. Our aim is to keep all your electrical systems in a healthy state so that you can complete mission-critical tasks with ease.

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