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Do you wish to give your land the perfect makeover? Stop looking for handyman landscapers near me. Because Certified Artisans is here to fulfill all your needs by an indefinite supply of expert professionals. We test and vet every landscaping professional on our platform. Not just your grounds, but also your outdoors, stay healthy and stylish. We carefully choose handyman landscaping pros who prioritize client satisfaction over everything else.

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These experienced professionals have the best-in-class equipment that helps you realize your dream landscape within a very short time at the most affordable prices.

  • Custom Design

Every project is distinctive and has its own set of requirements. We ensure that our certified landscapers offer such an exclusive landscaping service. They are capable of building you the perfect landscape model and running it through you before they start even small things such as lawn mowing and maintenance.

  • Fine Quality Materials

All our certified professionals only use the finest quality materials. We make certain of it when we sign them up to sell their services on our platform. As a result, whomever you select through us will only have to offer the best-grade landscaping services with materials that last long and strong.

  • Quick and Easy

Offering the best care through handyman landscaping has never been easier. Our platform is simple to use and highly engaging. A few clicks are all it takes for you to search, connect and hire certified landscaping services for expert and gentle handyman landscaping.


Residential & Commercial Landscapers

We list various categories of landscaping services. Not only can you beautify your home, but also can find experienced professionals to revamp your business place on the same platform. Instead of searching “Handyman services near me” on Google, you can now head over to Certified Artisians App and see the list of certified residential & commercial landscapers located in Canada and the USA.

  • Residential Landscaping

Residential landscaping services focus on garden maintenance, identifying potential garden hazards, lawn mowing, and maintenance services that make you the trendsetter of the neighbourhood. You can also hire professional handyman landscaping services who specialize in custom design and installation of elements that perfectly blend into your residential property’s style and look.

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“Enhance the look with the magical touch of a certified artisan”

  • Commercial Landscaping

Commercial landscaping services focus on augmenting the look of your office buildings, commercial zones, restaurants, malls, etc. These kinds of landscaping professionals help you bring the chic look even onto the gardens, and outdoors.

Skilled Garden Landscaping & Lawn Care Services

Treat your guests with the best garden designs that are sure to turn heads. When you search for landscaping services through our platform, you can simply click on ‘Handyman & Landscaping Services Near Me’ and find your best match in no time.

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    “Extend a warm welcome and a serene environment”

    Tree Hedging and Trimming

Replacing your fence with eco-friendly and even more styling tree hedges may just be the right option for you. Use our platform to easily filter thousands of handyman landscaping services near you and enjoy all the benefits of professional tree hedging and trimming at a competitive price.

  • Ornamental design

Not every landscaping artisan knows which plants make the perfect ornaments for your garden. But, here at the Certified Artisans platform, you can find experts who offer special services such as child and pet-friendly plants, weeding, and continued garden maintenance.

  • Custom Lawn Care

Every lawn is unique, and so the artisan must understand its requirements and provide solutions accordingly. With people who have years of experience and the right set of tools, custom service is a given. Hence, they provide you with continued lawn mowing and maintenance service at fixed intervals to keep your lawn flourished and well-cared for at all times.


1. How much water does my lawn need?

Every lawn has its special set of watering requirements. Also, the watering requirements change per season. During summer, you should never let your plants go brown. On average, you should water for around 40 minutes three times a week to get healthy soil water retention and gradual growth. Be sure to water either in the morning or in the evening during summer.

In winter, the water intake of plants reduces. Hence, you must water in very small amounts and make sure that your soil is dry (and not parched) before the next watering session. Damp soil is a playground for plant diseases. Therefore, you must focus on keeping the soil healthy during winters and not overwatering them.

2. When Is the Best Time To Reinvent Landscaping?

Fall is absolutely the best time to make landscaping decisions. Simply because the days have enough sunlight and the new saplings also receive enough natural precipitation. Weeds are also less frequent during the fall, making it the perfect opportunity for young plants to establish their roots. If you want to have flowering plants, the best time to reinvent landscaping is during spring.

3. How Do I Prepare My Lawn For the Winter?

Winter can be the best time for some plants. But, maintaining them during winter can be tough considering the cooler weather. Before winter sets on, be sure to remove debris, aerate, mow grass and fertilize with eco-friendly fertilizers.

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