Certified Handyman Services Near Me in Burlington, ON
Residential or Commercial Works

Are you in need of a fast, reliable, and certified handyman service in Burlington? At Certified Artisans, we help you find the right handyman services in Ontario for commercial and residential jobs. Trust our certified pros with your next jobs, you won’t be disappointed. Whether you need installation, home remodellings, small to big repairs, or other home improvement services, we have got you covered. Call +1 416 857 1720, or Download our App on your phone.

welders near me


Welders on our platforms are well equipped with a good number of years and knowledge to weld broken or fabricate metals together in your project. Download the app and explore. Read more…

electricians near me


We have ensured that electricians on our platform have sound knowledge with a good understanding of identifying the colours of wire. They have proven and track record over the years through several projects executed. they are safety conscious, check them out in the app. Read more…

fitters near me

Certified professionals with a wealth of knowledge in installing a mechanical system. Let them provide a solution to the mechanical issues you are currently facing. They are waiting for you in the app. Read more…

plumbers near me

Do you have a pending issue with your pipes and fittings of water supply, sanitation or heating system? Check out professional plumbers in their world through the app.  Read more…

carpenters near me

Qualified and certified professionals that install, built and repair any structures made of wood. They are drywall shapers, home construction shapers based on home design. Check them out in the app. Read more…

bricklayers near me

Certified experts that lay bricks, concrete blocks, stones in We the mortar with countless construction of structures across North America. They are safety conscious. Why not give them a shout in the app. Read more…

landscapers near me

They have modified, beautified and added shapes to countless gardens across North America. Let’s show you what they know how to do best. Check them out in the app. Read more…

painters near me

There is nothing much more fulfilling than adding colours and beautifying a home or project. That is their calling and what they are called to do every day. Let them give your home and project that colour it deserves with a smile on your face. Check them out in the app as they wait for you! Read more…

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Other Services
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